About Us

An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education.

We make many kinds of kiosk enclosures both of custom and standard kiosk models, and supply hardware such as LCD Touch Screen, Surface Acoustic Wave (Vandal Proof) Touch Panel, Infrared Touch Screen/Multi Touch Screen Panel, Kiosk Thermal Printer for ticketing and received payment, RFID Card Reader/Dispenser, Vandal Proof Stainless Steel Kiosk Keyboard, and all of kiosk hardware needed. We can supplies beautiful & attractive design kiosk with competitive prices.


Craig Interactive Kiosk is a leading manufacturer of self-service kiosks. The following are typical kiosks which is suited for information and interactive media that can be designed.

  • Ticketing Kiosks for Cinema, Train/Bus Terminal,etc.
  • Check-in Kiosks for Airport, etc.
  • Retail Kiosks for Vending Machine
  • Human Resource/Payroll Kiosks
  • Financial Kiosks for ATM, etc.
  • Multimedia Kiosks
  • Queue Kiosk
  • Order Entry Kiosks
  • Internet Kiosks
  • Informational Kiosk
  • Building Directory and Wayfinding Kiosk
  • Visitor Management and Security Kiosk
  • Product Knowledge Kiosk
  • Photo Kiosks
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Education Kiosks
  • Travel & Tourism Kiosks
  • City / Municipal Bill Payment